Zawieruszynski Originals

Zawieruszynski Originals porcelain & vinyl dolls are the creation of Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski. All of the Zawieruszynski dolls are handmade in the USA. All have human hair, Masterpiece eyes and hand-painted faces. They are dressed in the finest silk, wool or cotton outfits. With the few porcelain exceptions where the shoes or boots are actually porcelain, the dolls are wearing real leather shoes or boots. Each doll is signed by the artists and have a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


Zofia and Henry were born in Poland. Zofia was educated at various art schools to broaden her talents in sculpting, costume design, anatomy and painting. Henry completed similar schools studying painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics. Later they met and married. Together they opened a design business. Happily, Zofia and Henry moved to America in 1988 and settled in Minnesota where now they focuses their attention on sculpting and creating limited edition dolls.

'.... for the last 27 years, my husband and I have worked together. By now we make an excellent team, making suggestions and helping each other. This helps us create better works of art...'

They now also make dolls in vinyl.

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Comments (4)
Lynne - September 6, 2020
My daughter has a Tina - Artist proof from 2-10-04 - signed on the back of the doll. Like new in original clothing. Don't have original box but the doll is signed on the back for authenticity. She would like to know the value as she is considering selling her.
I'm seeing Tina dolls from 2004 for around EUR 350.
Elena - June 18, 2020
I've been enjoying these dolls for many years and making saving to afford to buy one, but still on the loop Hopefully one day one princess will be mine :-)
Deborah - May 1, 2019
I have two beautiful dolls, Antonia and Stenia. They are both in 'like new' condition with all original clothing, certificates of authenticity and original boxes. I would like to know the value as I am considering selling them.
Antonia is right now being sold in a lot of 4, total price 1500 USD so maybe around 300-500 USD. I've seen one Stenia for 400-500 USD.
Karen - October 12, 2018
I have Hanna listed, Please give me any information you have about her, including price. I currently have mine listed on eBay, but considering keeping her. Thank you, Karen
Sorry for my late reply. I have no idea Karen...