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Western Models kits were designed from the outset to be comparatively easy to assemble and in many cases the entire model was held together by just two screws. The clever design and good quality castings, requiring less cleaning up before painting, meant that it was possible to set up a small production line so that Western could market built models as well as kits.


White metal company (founded by Mike Stephens) based in the West-Country, which has provided a range of 1:43 scale cars, including world land speed record breakers, but in more recent times has tended to concentrate far more on model aircraft.

Western Models went from strength to strength expanding their range to include vintage, classic, land speed record cars, and sports racing cars as well as forging strong links with some of the Formula One teams leading to the production of 1/43 kits and built models of the latest grand prix cars and promotional models for the teams in scales from 1/87 to 1/4.

A move to Taunton saw the launch of a very popular 1/200 scale range of aircraft models.

Western Models have ceased production as of the end of July 2007.

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Western Models value and price guide

What's your Western Models worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
western models uk 1 200 trans canada air lines douglas Western Models Uk 1 200 Trans Canada Air Lines Douglas 11/2021 AU $398.00
western models aeroclassics 1 200 eastern airlines Western Models Aeroclassics 1 200 Eastern Airlines 09/2021 AU $298.00
western models aeroclassics 1 200 varig brasil curtiss Western Models Aeroclassics 1 200 Varig Brasil Curtiss 11/2021 AU $298.00
western models aeroclassics 1 200 pan american airways Western Models Aeroclassics 1 200 Pan American Airways 11/2021 AU $258.00
western models aeroclassics 1 200 western airlines Western Models Aeroclassics 1 200 Western Airlines 11/2021 AU $228.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021AU $-.--

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Comments (9)
Robin - July 6, 2021
looking for a 1958 plymouth belverdere model kit set that I can build myself
Also try this page: Western Models Plymouth.
Roy - September 10, 2020
I have most of a 1/4 scale Tag Williams F1 car but need two more wheels. Can anyone help with any info on what happened to the moulds etc?
Laurent - May 27, 2020
Hi, looking for a spare front right bumper for my Western Models Corvette SW13. Kind regards, Laurent
Hi Laurent, I'm so sorry but I have no idea. You could have a look here though: Western Models Corvette.
Berndt - February 6, 2020
I am looking for a new grill for my jaguar 1934 SS1 and the rare part.
Very difficult... Maybe another visitor can help out (I'll forward any messages), or visit this page now and then to see if you can find one for parts: Western Models Jaguars.
David - June 10, 2019
Are there any 1959 Edsel Models available?
I only found these: Edsel 1959 AMT.
Ashley - May 14, 2019
Looking for a ferrari 250 GTO metal car kit. I prefer new or at least in good condition. Unmade.
Hi, you can also take a look here: Western Models Ferrari 250 kit.
Guy - July 20, 2018
Hi, I'm Guy of New Zealand who is super keen to find a model of a 1935 / 1936 Worsley Wasp from Western Models in good condition at a reasonable price from anywhere of the world plus any van models in kitset or fully made .I hope someone can help with this search .From Guy of NZ.
Hi Guy! Let's see if anyone has one for you. Do hope so!
Tom - May 29, 2015
Does anyone sell replacement parts for these cars?
I've searched and searched but couldn't find a shop. However there are numerous model car parts shops, so you could try and write them, for example modelcarparts.com.
Gerry - February 1, 2011
Have on display a 1934? 1/19 scale ford pick up, tires are all splitting, are replacements available?