Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs

Each player is part of a team of explorers or treasure hunters. Each team has stumbled across long lost charts that give directions to a Lost Valley. At the top of the valley is an ancient temple, rumoured to be filled with the gold of an extinct native tribe. But the tribe were clever. The valley contains numerous protections for their temple.

The players were all racing to get to the temple to grab treasure and then get it back out of the valley alive. The first team to recover three treasures would win the game.

How to play

Lost your instructions manual? No worries, download a translated copy of the game instructions (pdf).

Updated: 28 September 2021

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Comments (2)
Yvonne - December 9, 2017
Is it possible to get a replacement set of rules for the lost valley of the dinosaurs game as seemed to have miss laid my set.
Hi, I've added a link to a copy of the instructions in the description.
Andy - May 11, 2015
Trying 2 find a copy of the rules for waddingtons (1985) lost valley of the dinosaurs game or even just a photocopy of the rules??