Inspired by watching children play with pencils, sticks and empty spools of thread, Charles Pajeau and Robert Petit created Tinker Toys Construction Sets in 1914.

The cornerstone of the set is a wooden spool roughly two inches (5 cm) in diameter with holes drilled every 45 degrees around the perimeter and one through the center. Unlike the center, the perimeter holes do not go all the way through. With the differing-length sticks, the set was intended to be based on the Pythagorean progressive right triangle.

The sets were introduced to the public through displays in and around Chicago which included model Ferris wheels. Tinker Toys have been used to create surprisingly complex machines, including Danny Hillis's tic-tac-toe-playing computer (now in the collection of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California) and a robot at Cornell University in 1998.

Originally sold for 60ยข, they were first called the 'Thousand Wonder Builder.'

The distinctive 'mailing tube' package was selected to help reduce shipping costs. The back of the package included an address label with a space for postage.

By 1918, over 2.5 million sets were sold. Up until the 1960's, the company averaged sales of over 2.5 million sets per year.

Red spools were added in 1932. Red sticks were introduced in 1953. Green, blue and yellow sticks were added in 1955.

Other Toy Tinker products included the Tilly Tinker and Tip-Toe Tinker dolls, Flying Tinker propeller toy and the Dachshund Tinker pull toy.

Hasbro now owns the brand and currently produces both plastic and classic Tinker Toys wood sets and parts.

11 August 2019

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Loretta - February 1, 2020
If I have a 163 piece set of Senior Tinker Toys with red wheels but no colored sticks (plain wooden), could you estimate the year it was made?
Really difficult to put a year on this... As you might know, it could be 1930s, 1950s. Maybe try this page and see if you can find some info with the listings shown: Tinker Toys Senior.