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Tente was a line of construction toys created in 1972 by EXIN-LINES BROS S.A., a plastics and toy company based in Barcelona, Spain which ceased operation in 1993. Subsequently, the trademark and patents were acquired by EDUCA BORRAS, and as of 2008 the toy line appears to be discontinued. Their later series were no longer compatible with the old system, although some models remained compatible.

The toys consisted of multi-colored interlocking plastic bricks in multiple scales and an accompanying array of wheels, minifigures, and various accessories.

Unlike the more popular Lego line of interlocking brick toys, which was a primary competitor to Tente, the Tente line emphasizes commercial and military vehicles of a variety of scales, less confined to the "minifig" scale that dominates Lego building sets. The primary physical difference with Lego bricks is that Tente brick's studs have a small central hole that allow an alternative connection method to accessory pieces. Additionally, although modeled on Lego with nearly identical brick and plate outer dimensions (including the fact that three stacked plates is equivalent in height to one brick), the studs of Tente pieces have a larger diameter than Lego pieces, resulting in them being incompatible.


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Updated: 28 September 2021

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Comments (3)
Kostantinos - February 28, 2020
I am particularly fond of TENTE from an early age! TENTE is particularly versatile and amazing while being very fun to play with! I was wondering do you give any product in bulk? I have made my own plans and figures that is why I am asking for bulk product.
Hi, I'm not affiliated with Tente so I can't help you, sorry. Also the company ceased operation in 1993.
Konstantinos - December 19, 2019
They are wonderful!
They sure are!
Larry - October 16, 2013
Sir;I own two vintage 1979 Tente Construction Toys. These were both mail orders: #381 Patrol Boat (mail order box has blue print)#481 Astro Star Commander (mail order box has black print)Both have been opened and are in their original mail order boxes and in near mint condition. They have been stored away since purchase 34 years ago. How rare are these and of what value are these.
Both around 10 USD.