Soul of Chogokin

In 1997, Japanese manufacturer Bandai started the Soul of Chogokin toy line. It focuses mainly on super robots (mecha) taken from various Japanese anime series of the 1970s & 1980s.

Chogokin is Japanese for 'super Alloy' and is a fictitious material which first appeared in Go Nagai's Mazinger Z comic. It was later adopted by the Popy Toy company in 1972 as the name of a new line of die-cast metal robot and character toys sold in Japan. The very first of these toys was the 'GA-01' Mazinger Z, which in spite of questionable engineering that led Popy to offer a free replacement campaign, ignited a craze that changed the face of the Japanese toy industry in the 1970s. Bandai -the parent company of Popy Toy- continues the Chogokin line to this day, branded under their own name.

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Soul Of Chogokin value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Price
new bandai tamashii nations gx 70 mazinger z soul New Bandai Tamashii Nations Gx 70 Mazinger Z Soul... 05/2021 AU $217.47
premium bandai soul of chogokin gx 80 nadia secret Premium Bandai Soul Of Chogokin Gx 80 Nadia Secret... 05/2021 AU $589.79
soul of chogokin gx 78 dragonzord megazord power Soul Of Chogokin Gx 78 Dragonzord Megazord Power... 05/2021 AU $385.04
soul of chogokin gx 24r tetsujin robot 28 go Soul Of Chogokin Gx 24r Tetsujin Robot 28 Go... 05/2021 AU $160.97
bandai soul of chogokin gx 08a mazinger aphrodite Bandai Soul Of Chogokin Gx 08a Mazinger Aphrodite... 05/2021 AU $171.26
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices06/2021AU $-.--

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