Simon & Halbig

Simon & Halbig was an important German doll manufacturer that made heads for several different makers other than themselves.

Simon & Halbig (S & H) was founded in 1839, they began making dolls from 1869 to 1920 in their porcelain factories in Frafenhain and Hidburghausen, near Thüringia, Germany.

In 1920 they were bought by Kämmer & Reinhardt, who continued to produce dolls until 1932.

Simon & Halbig were known for there fine bisque doll heads and innovation in the doll industry, thus, they also supplied doll heads to many other well known doll manufacturers, that then attached to their own made body.

The American firm that used an S & H head are: Arranbee, the German firms that used a S & H head are: C.M. Bergman, Carl Berger, Cuno & Otto Dressel, Hamburger & Co., Heinrich Handwerck, Adolf Hülss (also spelled: Adolf HülB), Dr. Paul Hunaeus, Kammer & Reinhardt (did not have a porcelain factory, so all their heads were purchased from S & H), Louis Linder & Sohne, Franz Schmidt, Schoenau & Hoffmeister, Carl Trautmann, Welsch & Co., Schindel & Kallenberg Wiesenthal, Adolf Wislizenus and the French firms of: Fleischmann & Bloedel, Jumeau, Roullet & DeCamp and S.F.B.J.

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Simon Halbig value and price guide

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Comments (6)
Gloria - February 24, 2021
Can you tell me what year my doll was made? She is a Simon Halbig, 26.” She has the initials S& C on the back of her head. There is no mold number.
Shirley - February 11, 2021
Scott - December 1, 2020
I have a simon halbig #550 german doll. Do you know what year this one was made? Thank You
Original 550s were made in the 1910s, but there are also reproductions made with a value of around 50 USD. Have a look here: Simon Halbig 550.
Ruvan - September 4, 2020
How much is this doll worth it hase markings at the back of head k R SIMON & HALBIG 117/A pliz if anyone is interested
Have a look here to see if you can find your doll or a similar one: Simon Halbig 117.
Hannah - November 17, 2019
My Simon halbig doll model 1248 has a new wig and straight teeth it’s over 100 years old rather than those two fixes it’s the same and in perfect condition I wanna no how much it costs
Maybe you can find a few here: Simon Halbig 1248.
Robert - November 9, 2010
Recently acquired S&H mold 170-318 with straw body and Belgian/dutch? outfit, aleepy blue eyes, open mouth with 2 square teeth also has mark of PB in 5 point star, any help would be most appriciated.