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German parent company 'H. Scharrer & Koch GmbH' was founded in 1856 in Bavaria, initially manufacturing glass beads for export. In 1910, Theo Köhler, the great-grandfather of sigikid's current owner, took over, and slowly introduced toys made out of glass beads to the product line.

After 1945 the assortment became more and more varied and geared towards children. In those years, the so-called 'bead toys' were very popular among children as Christmas presents. The toys were made from the rejects of high quality beads made of wood and glass. These toys were then packed in colorful cartons and the 'reject' products ended up on Chistmas present tables.

When the next generation took over in 1968, the trademark sigikid was born. The name is a combination of the founder's first name 'Sigi' (short for Sigrid) and 'kid' -Axel, the first child born into the Gottstein family. True to a traditional family business, Axel runs now the business in Germany, while his sister Eva handles business development in the Americas.

At the end of the nineties, a generational change took place in the management of the company again. Today, it is the third generation managing the family enterprise. With this change, the strategies of the company moved ever more in the direction of 'children', which is today the center of entrepreneurial decisions. In recent years, the product program has won a number of awards such as 'eco test recommendable', 'toy of the year', and more.


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Comments (3)
Jacqueline - April 29, 2018
Life like baby boy (old) what would it be worth daughter works in a charity shop and doesn't know how to price it
Elaine - October 5, 2013
I have a brown stuffed rat with a long tail. He doesn't lay down like the sewer rat but sits up if you lean him against something. I can't find him anywhere. I think he an old one. Can you help me find out who he is? Thanks, Elaine
Identify your rat by searching through: Google images, then if you have a name you can probably find more info.
Lindy - February 8, 2013
Hello,I am trying to identify a vintage Sigikid doll. I can't find one like her you know someone that might be able to help me?Thanks,Lindy
Hi Lindy! I tried to search for some collectors but they are difficult to locate. However I don't think it's any problem to contact Sigikid directly and send them a picture for identification.