Schuco Magico

Schuco Magico was one of the most 'long-lived' in the original series, its production begins in 1950 and ends in 1970, and was made in scale: 1:36 to 1:18. Important features were: in the first productions was a stick open or closed (flute), this is just touching the antenna emitted a whistle (hence the name magic), the antenna if shifted forward or backward gave direction to the model in addition to this there was always wind up spring scale models in more 'big box, and' was added a flyer mounted in a hole above the bonnet steering allowed wire-guided phase. Magico series, and 'important for the Italians because' in 1964-66, and 'was produced and a convertible Alfa Romeo' was the only Italian car brand produced by Schuco, Schuco Magico are very rare to find and are expensive.

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