Roman warship introduced in 1963 by REMCO toys. Ike Heller, founder and President of REMCO, was a huge fan of Ben Hur, the 1959 blockbuster movie. He thought that if there was a toy ship which would have the same characteristics of the Roman galleys in the movie, dads all over the world would buy one not only for their sons, but also for themselves. With a suggested retail price of $15.00, it was the one of the most expensive REMCO toys ever produced. It became an instant hit and the most popular REMCO Christmas toy of 1963, and one of the most profitable holiday toys the firm ever made.

Remco Big Caesar

Remco Gallant Gladiator

Remco Gallant Gladiator was a smaller companion ship to the Remco Big Caesar and was similar to Big Caesar just having less of everything, and was designed kids who didn't have space (or bath tubs) for the larger ship.

Remco Gallant Gladiator
Updated: 19 March 2020

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Richard - March 17, 2020
looking for a REMCO Gallant Gladiator
Difficult to find...