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Parker Bros. is a game manufacturer and brand since 1883. The company has published more than 1800 games; among their best known products are Monopoly, Cluedo (licensed from the British publisher and known as Clue in North America), Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Ouija boards, Aggravation and Probe. Parker Brothers is currently a subsidiary of Hasbro.

One day the teenaged Parker boys were playing one of the games meant to teach a moral lesson, Everlasting, and felt bored. George decided to modify the game by adding lettered cards and a borrowing rule and came up with Banking where the new objective was to become the richest player by winning speculations. A speculation began when a lettered card was played and ended when another card of the same letter was played. The winner was the one who eventually claimed all the cards. To avoid this, players could borrow cards from the bank at 10% interest (borrow ten cards, pay eleven). Partnerships could be formed and profits shared. Banks were very popular during this period and seen as the way to have a secure fortune as opposed to the unregulated stock and bond exchanges where greed and ruin was documented in the papers every day.

vintage parker bros gameOffice Boy Game - 1889: The country was in love with the novels of Horatio Alger in which young men rose from obscurity to conquer all, just by being good. This game attempted to adapt the Mansion of Happiness setup to cash in on the phenomenon by positing players as office boys who travel around a spiral track that uses hexagonal shaped spaces. Some spaces direct a piece to advance or go back. The first player to reach the center space becomes Head of the Firm and wins the game.

George and his friends liked the game so much that he courageously had 500 copies printed up and successfully peddled them to Massachusetts area retailers, eventually selling all but 12 copies, making a profit of $100. And so it all started.

Parker Brothers 19th century games


Does anyone recognise this game by Parker Bros.?
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Updated: 29 April 2020

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What's your Parker Bros worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

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mad magazine board game parker brothers no 124 brand Mad Magazine Board Game Parker Brothers No 124 Brand 10/2021 AU $291.40
1995 mystery mansion electronic talking board game 1995 Mystery Mansion Electronic Talking Board Game 10/2021 AU $264.92
pokemon collectors edition monopoly parker brothers Pokemon Collectors Edition Monopoly Parker Brothers 08/2021 AU $264.92
pokemon monopoly gotta catch em all collectors edition Pokemon Monopoly Gotta Catch Em All Collectors Edition 09/2021 AU $238.43
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Comments (74)
Beth - November 7, 2021
I have a gameboard and pieces of the game Going to Jerusalem. I was hoping to find a box and instruction to play it.
Thank you
Hi, try this page, I think I saw a few instructions only: Parker Bros. Jerusalem.
Mark - October 23, 2021
Im hoping to find some info on the game SHELL OUT by Parker brothers . I purchased one at an estate sale and cant find any info / or another copy online .

Any help would be great . Thank you , mark
Kate - October 6, 2021
I just bought a Parker Brothers “Complete Lotto” game in a blue box. All pieces and instructions appear to be here but I can’t find a date. Do you have any idea how old it might be? Thanks.
They were made in the 1900s but also later. If you have the blue box, probably 1920s.
Dave - August 15, 2021
I think the game Natalie was inquiring about is a PB game called SMess.
Thanks Dave!
Dave - August 11, 2021
Does anyone know when Parker Bros, started or stopped using Salam Mass, New York, London on their game boxes?
Natalie - March 7, 2021
I used to play a game similar to chess in my youth in the 1970’s . Pieces were not called pawns and knight ect.. kind of cartooned shaped pieces . Might have been made by Parker brothers? Looking for the name of the game. I think it had blue and maybe a purple colored pieces. Any help please!
Maybe you're looking for the: Camelot Board Game.
Calvin - September 19, 2020
I have a Parker Brothers game called 'The Game of the World's History' from 1894. Rare? Where would I sell it?
About USD 15-25. Ebay might be the best place.
Travis - July 3, 2020
The game board pictured, if you and John are still interested, is from the Parker Brothers game "East is East and West is West - A Trip Around the World." Quite rare.
Thanks Travis!
Vivienne - July 1, 2020
I am after the game RISK but only the one by parker brothers which has little star shaped pieces if anyone is willing to sell
Also, have a look at this page now and then to see if you can find what you're looking for: Parker Bros. Risk.
Dave - April 13, 2020
Hi, I wonder if you've come across this small parlour game, Parkers game of Who?, found in my grandpa old stuff, but no rules - looks 1920-30's.Can't see it on any listing,any ideas welcome!
I found a few on eBay US: Parker Bros. Game of Who.
John - September 16, 2019
This is John again. I have sent to your gmail address some photos of the old game board I mentioned in my September 8 message below. Please let me know if you received them. I sent about 15 photos in 3 batches, so if they are too large to open please let me know and I will send the 3 or 4 most important ones. Thanks!
Hi John, pics well received! I was travelling last week so couldn't reply sooner. Really difficult to determine which game this is. I'll probably post a pic on this page to see if other visitors know more about your game.
John - September 8, 2019
I have a Parker Brothers game board with no label and wonder if anyone knows the name and value. The game has players circumventing the globe in the late 1800s or early 1900s by boat and train. There are 103 landing spots in the path around the world, starting in New York, then visiting many famous sights and cities in Europe, then the middle east, India, Singapore, Australia, China, Japan, then back to the west coast and eventually New York. Some of the 103 stations on the game board are marked by old photos and others by drawings. The lower right hand of the board says "Wait here 2 turns then go to London, richest player pays 15 ransom." Anyone know anything about this very old game board?
I was thinking of Innocence Abroad but this game has the name on the board, like most Parker Bros. You could send me a pic to and I'll have a look!
Pamela - September 7, 2019
I just bought a Parker Brothers, Salem, Mass. Americana ante game. Any info as to this game?
Hi, your card game is from the 1930s, probably 1937 and there is one for sale right now on eBay for 10 USD.
Sherry - May 29, 2019
I have a TOY SOLDIERS BATTLE GAME, JUNIOR, very old. Soldiers are cardboard with wooden canon. Cant find the value anywhere. All in orig. box
Found one on this site for USD 275.
Valerie - March 18, 2019
Dates of card game History Up-to-Date and the card game Pit. What is their worth and when where they first published?
Here is more information about the History Up-to-Date game. One copy was sold for about 6 USD on eBay last month. The Pit game was first introduced in 1904 and for value look here.
Diane - March 15, 2019
I have two classic Clue games. One is the original clue and the other game is The Great Museum Caper. Both games are missing pieces. Who can I contact to buy these pieces? Thank you.
Hi, you can take a look on this page for missing pieces and parts: Parker Brothers Clue parts.
Arline - March 13, 2019
Looking for replacement balls for Parker Bros Frog Soccer game. Where to find?
Difficult to find parts for older games. Try to find another one for parts: Parker Bros. Frog Soccer.
Amanda - February 7, 2019
Hi! I just recently got a Parker Brothers Poppin-Ball game and I cannot find any information on this game. It definitely looks old. It is just the game board that hangs on the wall with springy prongs on it. It does not have the box or ball with it. Does anybody have any info on this game? And possible value?Thanks!
Probably 1920s. I'm afraid without box and ball it hasn't much value... You could try to sell it on eBay though! Here is a picture of the box with instructions: Parker Bros. Poppin-Ball.
Lee - January 31, 2019
I have recently acquired the game of HOKUM. Of course the rule sheet is missing. From what I can find the game came out in 1927, is this correct? Where can I acquire a copy of the rules?Thank you for your help.
Yes, the game came out in 1927, here you can see a box from that year: Hokum game. I think I found the Hokum rules, you can get them here
Eadweard - November 19, 2018
Hi, I'm looking for The Jury Box game. Anyone got tips? Knows where to buy? It's essentially just words on paper so maybe there is a PDF of the game?
Hi, something like this maybe: Jury Box rules.
William - November 10, 2018
Trying to find instructions / rules /how to play CONFLICT, a 1960's vintage Parker Brothers board game. Anyone know where instructions may be downloaded? Thank you!
Hi there, found it! You can download it here: Parker Bros. Conflict rules.
Rick - June 8, 2018
trying to find some info on an older game "The New Parisian Fortune Telling Cards" Parker Brothers Inc. Salem, Mass. and New York
Donn - February 24, 2018
I have a Parker Brothers "Raceway" game. Very simple. Spin the dial for numbers 1-6 and move the cars the appropriate number of squares from start to finish. Looks like it could be 1930's or '40's. Can't seem to find any information. The game board is part of the cardboard box which is toast. Any information?
Sounds like a great game. Unfortunately I can't find any info on it... sorry!
Tracy - February 23, 2018
I have the game" The New Game MOCK TRIAL Fun and Laughter for a roomfull" by parker brothers. How old is it, need the game rules and list of parts can anyone help. PLEASE
This humorous card game was first issued in 1910 and was invented by Elizabeth Magie. Parker Bros. thought it was too political to sell well. Can't find any instructions, sorry.
Gail - November 14, 2017
I own the Barron von munchause game
Sorry, I think you question didn't get through, can you post it again?
Zoe - September 27, 2017
Hi! I'm in the uk and desperately want to get hold of the Mad Magazine Card Game (not the board game but the small game with the red divider tray)... anyone able to help me out? Want it for a special birthday for my bro! We used to play for hours as kidsWould love to hear ThanksZoe
Hi Zoe, the fastest way is through eBay, here you can find the games: Mad Magazine card game.
Barb - September 25, 2017
I have a Parker Brothers game. The game is called The Advance Guard with Harmless Air Gun and Soldiers. It has stand up soldiers and a small (probably 12 inches long) air gun. Any idea on when it came out or value now?
It came out at the beginning of the 20th century until around 1912. It's difficult to put a price card on it. Antique Parker games from this era fetch around 40-100 USD, but yours could fetch more (depending on state, box, etc.). If you want to sell it, put it on eBay for a longer period and see what happens.
Linda - August 8, 2017
Raymond B. Parker, INC 1991 Happy Trails USA game. Looking for directions. Have game, money, board, tokens. Any suggestions?
No idea, but there are some for sale right now. Take a look: Happy Trails USA. You can either buy a cheap copy (and have some spare parts) or ask the seller if they can provide you with a copy (maybe for a few bucks)?
Laura - June 3, 2017
I'm looking for an original pente game. I'm afraid of getting scammed.
As as longtime buyer and seller on eBay I can assure you that most sellers are genuine and honest. Just take a look at their feedback and then decide :-) Parker Bros. Pente game.
Mary - January 7, 2017
Does anyone nave the questions to the Lowell Thomas travel game that they could scan and email to me. We played the game as children and recently brought it out of storage but we are missing the country questions. Does anyone have a version of the game for sale? Thanks
Difficult to find online. Let's hope someone will reply soon!
Jocelyn - January 3, 2017
Hi..does anybody know where I can get game playing instructions for the 1956 Tom Hamilton's PIGSKIN game?
Hi, I think I found the instructions for this game. Download here (PDF).
Todd - December 18, 2016
I have a "pocket edition" of parker brothers "The game of great cities". Has a date of 1898. Has 52 cards in box depicting cities around the world at that time. I have been totally stumped trying to find any information about this game. I can email you pictures of this if you think you can help me find out anything about this apparently rare game. Thank you all in advance.
Larry - December 14, 2016
I have an old board for a game by Parker Brothers Salem Mass., USA called THE UNITED STATES GAME. It appears quite old as most of the ships depicted are sailing ships. Does any body have any information?
First published in 1901. You can read more about it here.
D.d. - November 24, 2016
hey fellas im lookin for a vintage parker bros game. it was called man hunt.. and i cant find any any where any help???
Looking for the 1930s version or the 1970s one? Both are difficult to find...
Lee - October 27, 2016
Does anyone have a 2005 Parker Brothers SORRY Game for sale? Either new or used? Our cards have been used so much they are just floppy.
Hi, take a look at this page: Sorry game and maybe you'll find a cheap old one for the cards.
Susan - May 10, 2016
have been trying to find Parker Brothers Peggars and Thieves card game that is no longer being made. anybody know where I can purchase one?
The last one sold on eBay was in April this year... so with a bit of luck you might fetch one soon! Bookmark this page and check it out regularly: Parker Beggars and Thieves
Bob - February 19, 2016
Yes, the early Clue and Monopoly games were sold with the game board not in the game box. I have many versions of both games, and it does get frustrating trying to figure out if the game board you have is the original, or a replacement
Kw - January 5, 2016
I have a 1949 Clue game that is missing the game board. The box is square, but all the game boards dating from the same time period are rectangle. Do you know if the game board was a separate piece from the box?
I think your early edition of Clue had a separate board. I found a few for sale on eBay with square box and some had the board missing and one had a separate board, bigger than the box: Vintage board game Clue 1950.
John - November 1, 2015
Hi, I hope someone can help me out. I recently got a card game called Ren and Stimpy Pick A Winner card game, but I do not have the instructions and can not find them on line. Can anyone help?Thanks.
Not sure but I think it's some kind of 'Go Fish' game (see wikipedia: Go Fish game), also see this picture with some instructions.
Bob - October 19, 2015
Picked up a Parker Brothers Game called "The Mill" from 1939. It has a board and nine balls each of two colors. I cannot find any reference to this vintage game. Have you heard of it?
I never heard of it! Nor can I find anything about it. Maybe another visitor?
Bob - October 19, 2015
Thanks for checking. It appears to be a version of Nine Man's Morris and I did see one site that has PB as a manufacturer of a version of that game so guess this is it. Condition is poor, but I was surprised to see it as I have never run across anything like it before.
Ann - August 28, 2015
We have the game TORNADO REX from 1991. Everyone (3 generations) really enjoy playing the game. A recent burst pipe has ruined the cards. Is there anyway to get replacement card set?
Check out this page: Parker brothers Tornado Rex, maybe you'll find replacement parts.
Carol - August 7, 2015
I found a complete Parker Brothers/General Mills game call Pluto Presents Off My Back. Childrens clothing in picture on front suggests it may be from the 1960s or 1970s. When was it made? Haven't found another one like it yet
Not exactly sure but it's definitely from the first half of the 1970s. Someone sells this game for 30 USD on
Yolanda - August 3, 2015
I found a game called In The Dark by Parker Brothers can you tell me what year it came out?
This Four-in-Row Challenge Game is from 1989.
Lisa - May 29, 2015
I have an incredible Idea for a new game...How do I go about sharing my idea with you?Thankyou!
I'm not with Parker Bros, but here is an article about what to do: I've invented a board game, now what?
Cindy - March 23, 2015
Hello,I purchased a winnie the pooh game from a second hand store. I beleive it is a 1964 edition. Can you tell me how I can determine the age for sure? Thank You
You could try searching on Google images with Winnie the Pooh parker 1964 to see if you can find yours.
Bob - January 13, 2015
Does anyone know anything about a Parker Bros board game names Tom Harmon's Pigskin??Value? Only have the playing board
I only found this page about Pigskin: Tom Hamilton's Football Game
Cody - December 29, 2014
I have an old Parker Brothers game called Full House i was wondering if anyone has or knows the full instructions to this game?? If you do please contact me!!!
In the meantime maybe you can use the info on this page: full house instructions.
Steve - December 9, 2014
Do you know if anyone has posted a list of Norman Rockwell 500-piece jigsaw puzzles that Parker Brothers manufactured in the 1970s?
I think I saw one, click here: Parker Rockwell.
Calvin - October 9, 2014
I have a 'The Game of the World's History' from 1894 and can't find any reference to it anywhere. It's in good condition inside and out and complete. Possible value? Also their version of 'Snap' which seems to be of a similar vintage (I know there are different versions from different eras), again in good condition...
If you have the original "Snap" from 1890 it could be worth a few hundred dollars according to
David - September 7, 2014
Looking for information on a game called "CLASS". you rolled a dice then picked a card, the card would tell you go up or back some any blocks. The board was set-up like a ladder. I got the game in 1978 and when I went into the service it got lost. Help
I cannot find anything on this game. Are you sure it's from Parker Bros. and or the name is 'Class'? Maybe look here on Google image to see if you can find your game.
Steve - September 4, 2014
Looking for Parker bros dice game V The game of 5000. Any ideas?
Glenn - June 23, 2014
I have Parker Montage Action Art.Three plastic plates with 2 Disney characters on each.Does anyone have any info on this drawing toy?
Glenda - April 21, 2014
I have an old Parker Brothers party game "Who's Who", copyright 1929. It comes with 70 name cards, famous people like Gene Tunney, Ty Cobb, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Noah, Tom Thumb, John D. Rockefeller, etc. The cards are placed on a ribbon to be tied around the player's neck with the card in the back. Another player looks at the name and gives the wearer clues to guess his identity. I have not found the game listed anywhere. Would the copyright date be the correct date of issue?
Bob - February 12, 2014
I have Parker Brothers "WIDE WORLD" board game. In it are 6 metal game pieces that everyone refers to as Buck Rogers spaceships. I seem to remember reading years ago that those pieces were designed by someone who worked on one of the old Buck Rogers TV shows, or maybe it was one of the old movies. Does anyone have any information about these spaceship pieces, or who designed them?
Carent - February 9, 2014
I have an old parker board game called Happy Birthday Party game still in it sealed boxes cant find any info on it any ideas
This 1980s game was sold (sealed) for 20 USD last year on ebay and there is one for sale right now for 30 USD. Couldn't find more info...
Chuck - December 21, 2013
I have a very old Parker Brothers board game called "The Game of Football" It's played kind of like checkers. Can't find any info on this game anywhere. It looks turn of the centry old, thanks for any help
There are two versions, one from 1880 and one from 1948. The one from 1880 features a picture of young boys playing a game that looks a bit like backyard football. The game comes with a number of pieces (colored) that represent players and by jumping over players each team tries to score goals.
Donna - December 9, 2013
I have the game famous men. What year was this made and is it worth anything? It has the instructions and the box which is a little tattered. There are also instructions for the famous authors game in the box.
The Game of Famous Men card game is from the 1890s can be worth between 20 and 60 USD.
Richard - December 6, 2013
I am gonna be auctioning a Parker Brothers 1959 Derby Day if interested. Thank you, ebay seller Tamzo8
I see you already sold it, not bad!
Shauna - September 16, 2013
i have The Great Turtle Race from 1976, anyone know anything balut is game? Rules, value?
One was sold this month on eBay for 10 USD. Sorry, can't seem to find the rules.
Stormy - August 5, 2013
Is there anywhere to find a complete (or even mostly complete) list of games Parker Brothers Manufactured?
Have you found this wikipedia page about Parker Brothers games?
Deb - July 23, 2013
I am looking to purchase 3 board games, 2 are vintage and 1 is from the 80's. I would like to purchase the game Wide World (where you have a clear sheet and planes and you have to get to destinations) and the game Finance. I am also looking for the game Full House. Please let me know if these games are available.
Hi Deb, I am sorry but I don't sell games. Best is to look on this site for them, go to this page for Wide World, Finance and here for Full House.
Verna - June 30, 2013
I have a complete set of an Author's card game with one card identifying it as Parker Brothers. The backs show a Venice canal scene. Looking for a possible year that these were sold or produced. I have found some sets on the Internet, but the backs are not like these. Anyone have any info about them or where I can find out about them?
Lori - June 26, 2013
my boys had interlocking plactic blocks that connected together using a plasic screwdriver only. can not find any paperwork or origianal box but has parker brothers markings on it what was it called, can i find more pieces?
I think you are looking for Parker Bros. The Construction Company.
Ken - June 23, 2013
I am trying to date a game we have called "The Amusing Game of the Corner Grocery". On the box lid it says "Geo. S. Parker
This card game has been copyrighted in 1887.
Hans - March 8, 2013
I just acquired a very early parker brothers game called soldier nine pins..the soldiers are excellent..the box was wet at one time and the old cardboard dried hard. Any information on this item and/or prices Thanks so much
This over 100 year old game (1889 to be precise) can fetch somewhere between 150 to 400 USD but really depends on state, demand, etc. Imagine that these games were sold between 0.25 cents and 1 dollar at the time... There is also a game called Soldier Ten Pins.
Jim - January 18, 2013
I am looking for the rules to a 1949 Parker Brothers board game called "Over the Garden Wall" that first came out in 1911. Called Hasbro but they don't have the rules archived.
Heather - January 9, 2013
I have a boxed card game from my parents.The lid say "COON-CAN OR NEWPORT" "THE GREAT AMERICAN GAME" PARKER BROTHERS INCORPORATED. SALEM, MASS., NEW YORK, AND LONDON. It has 4 sets of cards numbered 1 to 14, in green, black, red and yellow. I can remember watching my mother play when I was a child over 50 years ago. I am looking for the rules so I can teach my own family
No idea where to find the original instructions for this Parker Bros. game Heather, but maybe this link will help (I hope): How to play Conquian (Coon-Can).
Danny - November 12, 2012
I have a 1926 wooden box mah Jong game made by the Parker bros, the pices appear to be ivory, and still has the small red instruction booklet in mint condition! Can any one tell about this games value.
I found one here with possible value.
John.w - August 23, 2012
I have the 'K.O' game. 2 boxers that are on wheeled bases that you push together to fight. There are 2 buttons on the base that cause the fist to jab out. Hit the head of your opponent and the body rocks back and increases a counter. Get to 10 and the fighter falls backwards and is ko'd. I had about 35 years ago. It's still boxed."K.O. The Heavyweight Boxing Game with a Punch" was the advertising slogan I think. Anybody else remember this?
Christy - July 15, 2012
Hi, I just purchased at a Auction an old card game called Plaza from Parker brothers copyright 1913 . I can't find any info on it. Has instructions, great condition with everything in tact. thanks
Sorry, can't find anyting either... seems to be mentioned together with the card games Pit and Rook. If you're interested I can email you a scan from an ad from 1913.
M.bud - April 25, 2012
I had 2 boardgames published and want to publish 2 more. Im looking for a producer/manufacturer to bring me back to the Games Gang attention. Please refer me to any and all mfg. - presently living (and teaching) in Philippines. thank u
Beth - March 14, 2012
I have a very old item called Crayon Embroidery made by Parker Brothers. I can't find any information about it. It appears to be from the 1920s. anyone have any information about this item? thanks
Mary - February 6, 2012
I have a small game called Children's Lotto. It has #216, Parker Bros., Salem Mass. on box cover with children playing the game with small wooden discs(numbers) and square glass plates. Inside are 8 boards with the disc numbers and glass squares. The children look to be dressed in turn of century clothes. I'd like to know the year the game was produced and if it has any significant value?
I am sorry, I have no idea. Maybe you can try and search for similar games from the same era from different producers, like the McLoughlin bros.