Palitoy was the name of a British toy company and was responsible for introducing a number of the most famous and popular toys of the late 20th Century to the children of Britain. These included Action Man, Tiny Tears, Pippa, Tressy, Star Wars figures and the Care Bears.

Based in Coalville, Leicestershire, the company grew out of a plastics firm established by Alfred Edward Pallett in 1909 and went on to become one of Britain's leading toy manufacturers until its ultimate closure in 1984. Palitoy manufactured some of the most popular toys in Britain, some original items and others under licence. Its products included Action Man, Action Force, Tiny Tears, Pippa, Tressy, Star Wars figures and the Care Bears.

The Cascelloid Company was founded by Alfred Edward Pallett in Coalville, Leicestershire in 1909 to produce celluloid and fancy goods. Their first toy was in 1920 and the first doll in 1925.

Cascelloid was bought in 1931 by British Xylonite and the word "Palitoy" was created as a trademark in 1935 for their toy division. Injection moulding was developed by British Xylonite in 1941 and was used for the Palitoy toy ranges. In 1978 the Chad Valley toy company was sold to Palitoy.

Palitoy was sold to General Mills in 1968, but became the Palitoy Company in 1980 when Palitoy, Denys Fisher, and Chad Valley broke away from General Mills. It closed as a business in 1984. The factory, toy moulds and copyrights were all bought by Hasbro from whom they had been a major licensee.

Updated: 5 August 2019

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Comments (4)
Ellen - October 24, 2020
Hi, I have the starsky and hutch dolls in original box and just wondering what they are worth 1974 dolls.
Have a look here for some prices: Palitoy Starsky Hutch.
Lee - April 7, 2013
I believe I have a palitoy walking talking doll with a tiny record player in the back and a push button on the tummy. The record player motor works but the record won't play and the stylus doesn't move across the record. Can someone advise please.
It is probably a (rubber) driving belt which is broken due to age, this usually happens with old toys.
Rick - October 16, 2010
we have a palitoy celluoid doll registered number 55 about 2 foot high, could you tell us is it worth anything and where we can get more information on it
Stuart - August 17, 2010
A query into what value if any and how rare the following toy: Ref steam sound main line railway. 6100 LMS. Please advise.