The Pokemon Pokewalker NTR-032 is a Poké Ball-shaped pedometer which can connect to Pokémon SoulSilver and HeartGold game cards via infrared signals.

For more info, see also: Nintendo Pokewalker.

Download the instructions: NTR-032 manual.

Nintendo Ntr 032 forum

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Comments (3)
Joe - July 8, 2011
My son has a NTR-032, seems to be having same problem. I did \'press and hold the middle button\', nothing happens. Looking forward to hear from you.
I am afraid I am not an expert on the NTR 032. If it's the same as the 'pokemon pokewalker' you can try Googline NTR-032 not working.
Anonymous - June 22, 2011
Press and hold the middle button.
Stu - September 24, 2010
My daughter has a NTR-032 we can\'t seem to get it working. can anyone help?