The Game & Watch (G&W) series was a line of about 59 electronic handheld games by Nintendo. They were created from 1981 to 1991 by Gunpei Yokoi and run on LR44 cell batteries. They all consist of a single LCD game, and also had a clock/alarm. Most titles had a 'GAME A' and a 'GAME B' button. Game B is usually a faster, more difficult version of game A. The game Squish is a notable exception; here game B is very different from game A. Climber is an example of a game that doesn't have a 'GAME B' option.

A total of 60 different games were created. 59 of them were released to the public. The Special game Super Mario Bros. was given out only as a prize to the winners in the Famicon F1 Race tournament. Only 11,790 were made.11 different style games were created. Each game is classified in a certain series. Silver, Gold, Widescreen, New Widescreen, Multi-screen, Tabletop, Panorama, Supercolor, Micro vs. System, Crystal Screen, and Special.

Nintendo Game Watch

Nintendo hired other companies to distribute these games. Each company recreated the box, and placed there company logo on the game and the box. There were a total of 7 different companies. CGL who distributed in the UK, Ji21 in France, Videopoche in France, Futuretronics in Australia, Tric-o-tronic who in Germany, Pocketsize in Canada, and Mego who distributed in the USA.

Nintendo made different models, and some had two screens (the Multiscreen Series). This design was later reused in the Nintendo DS series.


1980: Ball, Flagman, Vermin, Fire, Judge

1981: Manhole, Helmet, Chef, Egg, Fire

1981: Lion, Mickey Mouse, Parachute, Octopus, Popeye

1982: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Fire Attack, Greenhouse, Mickey & Donald, Oil Panic, Snoopy Tennis, Turtle Bridge

1983: Donkey Kong II, Donkey Kong Jr. - Tabletop, Donkey Kong Jr. - Panorama, Lifeboat, Manhole, Mario Bros., Mario's Bombs Away - Panorama, Mario's Cement Factory, Mario's Cement Factory - Tabletop, Pinball, Popeye - Tabletop, Popeye - Panorama, Rain Shower, Snoopy - Tabletop, Snoopy - Panorama

1984: Boxing, CrabGrab, Donkey Kong Circus - Panorama, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Hockey, Mickey Mouse - Panorama, Spitball Sparky

1985: Black Jack, Tropical Fish

1986: Balloon Fight - Crystal, Climber - Crystal, Squish, Super Mario Bros. - Crystal

1987: Bomb Sweeper, Super Mario Bros. - Special Series

1988: Balloon Fight, Climber, Gold Cliff, Punch-Out, Safebuster, Super Mario Bros.

1989: Zelda

1991: Mario the Juggler

10 rare and expensive Nintendo Game & Watch

Updated: 27 April 2020

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Comments (3)
Ravi - December 24, 2019
Hi, I have the Donkey Kong game and watch double screen. But the display does not show up, very fazed out, game starts ok, sound is fine. How do I rectify this problem.
Sounds like a battery problem. If that's not the case, look on this forum for more info.
Theresa - March 26, 2019
Hi I'm looking for the manhole
Hi there, try this: Nintende Game & Watch Manhole.
Lavina - February 6, 2013
hi, i m looking for donkey kong jr panorama, donkey kong 1st version, donkeykong 2, donkey kong jr, snoopy tennis. pls can u guide me how to purchase it online, i live in india.
Best is to register with ebay and find sellers who are shipping worldwide (most do).