The Axis & Allies board game is a popular series of World War II strategy games. Nearly two million copies printed since it was originally published in 1981 by a tiny little publisher, Nova Games. One of their employees, however, left to work for Milton Bradley and, before long, MB was publishing their own version Axis & Allies, complete with a mounted game board, paper money, and little toy pieces.

In the game, players play as the major participants of World War II: Japan, Germany, the Soviet Union, the USA and the United Kingdom. The 50th Anniversary Edition also includes Italy as the third Axis and China as the fourth Allied power. The Pacific 1940 edition includes China and Australia and New Zealand armed forces. The Europe 1940 edition includes Italy and France. Those who play the Axis powers team up against those of the Allied powers and try to conquer key territories, represented by regions on the map board. In earlier editions of tha game, this was done by capturing and holding until the end of a round of play certain territories where the opposing alliance's capital cities are located. In later editions, this also included other territories on the map, where "victory cities" are located. In the original Milton Bradley edition, A&A: Classic, the Axis powers could also win by capturing and holding until the end of a round of play enough territories to gain an economic advantage. In later editions, this "economic victory" was dropped.

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