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1899 - 1966. Founders H. N. Parker and Orlando Mason from Winchendon, Massachusetts, were specialized in pressed-steel transportation toys. However in 1907, they switched to wooden products including proven standard, Boy's Tool Chest.

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Comments (11)
Melissa - December 5, 2021
I have an old slate chalkboard easel with fairytale characters at the top but then a wooden area with a line of uppercase alphabet, then Roman numerals, then numbers one through 10, 100 500, then 1000. There is slate and then and single wire abacus. Wondering what year it was manufactured and estimate of worth. I can’t find anything with this exact configuration on the web. Thanks
Robin - July 24, 2021
I have an old chalk board and it has worn label - Mason & Parker mfg. co Toys Winchendon , Mass / it’s very heavy slate in old wooden frame 26 x 18 1/2 w with a wooden lip to hold chalk
Pretty rare. I found one on eBay, sold last June for 82 dollars.
Marcia - June 23, 2020
I am searching for information about a metal box with label on lid. My father was in Navy during WWII . My mother stored “love Letters” in this box. I’d appreciate any info u can give me.Thanks
I have no idea, sorry...
Victor - May 24, 2019
I have a miniature school desk. Just wondering what the value is
I have no idea, it's very difficult to find anything about a Mason Parker desk, sorry!
Chuck - July 8, 2018
Have a Eductional Playthings Folding wooden Chalk Board by Mason and Parker, Wichendon Mass.
Bonnie - June 4, 2016
Hello, I have a Mason Parker very small wooden child's flip top desk and chair. I would some information on it such as age and value.Thanks so much!
No idea, but you can send a picture to fabtintoys gmail com so I can put it up here.
Ted - August 27, 2015
I have come by a wooden joined tool box for boys by Mason
Could be #314 Model Tool Chest. Send a pic to fabtintoys ADD gmail dot com and I'll put it on this page.
Rollina - April 18, 2015
I have a brown steamer trunk made in the 1930's It is 18" by 10" It has a hat box that opens from the top also a place to hang doll clothes and a drawer for shoes. It would hold about a 17" doll. It has what looks like brass hardware and brass corner protectors with a carrying handle on the top. Can you tell me anything about this trunk?
Can you recognize your trunk from these doll trunk images?
Pierre - August 14, 2013
# 314 model tool chest for boys
Debbie - September 15, 2011
Hi - I have a Mason Parker pressed steel horse pulling a cart. I have found it in a toy book but can't find much information about the toy or company. I was wondering if you have knowledge of this toy or company, if you could share with me any info.
Kerry - May 11, 2011
I am interested in Mason Parker toy passenger(rail) cars from the early 1900's. Thank you.