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After launching Lilliput Lane in September, 1982, no one was more surprised than founder David Tate at the rapid success of his "cottage" industry.

The company had done well with its models of vernacular English architecture, and by 1985, it was ready to broaden its scope. To that end, Tate and assistant sculptor Tom Raine spent several weeks touring Germany, searching for potential models for a proposed German collection.

It's likely that during this trip, the dark, Gothic architectural style of the Teutonic castles that they visited helped to shape the "legend" that followed.

Each Lilliput Lane cottage undergoes a long and technically challenging production process before completion. Many Lilliput Lane cottages are based on real buildings, capturing vernacular architecture in magnificent miniature detail.

Updated: 26 November 2019

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lilliput lane duart castle scottish collection Lilliput Lane Duart Castle Scottish Collection... 04/2021 AU $238.48
lilliput lane glamis castle l2314 new in box Lilliput Lane Glamis Castle L2314 New In Box... 04/2021 AU $250.00
lilliput lane medway manor Lilliput Lane Medway Manor... 05/2021 AU $175.00
lilliput lane honeysuckle cottage 1992 Lilliput Lane Honeysuckle Cottage 1992... 03/2021 AU $96.68
3 x lilliput lane miniature houses england 310 3 X Lilliput Lane Miniature Houses England 310... 04/2021 AU $71.00
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