For over three decades, Pascal Kamar (better known as PK) led one of the most innovative, high-quality toy companies in America with his partner in business and life, Astrid.

Under PK's direction, Kamar® toys were sold in 36 nations and in all 50 states. PK designed thousands stuffed animals and dolls, but Kamar® was most famous for bringing the character E.T. into the homes of millions of children and adults around the world with one of the most successful licensed toy products ever, the "stuffed toy" version of E.T.

PK and Astrid originally started a business importing products from Africa, Japan and the Middle East. Then, without any artistic training and a moment of inspiration, Pascal came up with the design for Hexter, a troll-like creature that would be "a wild-eyed, long-haired predecessor" to the troll doll of the '60s, which quickly became a popular seller.

With Hexter's success and a new found love for plush toys, PK went to Japan and invested in every plush he could manufacture. Unfortunately, the products he produced languished on the shelves. PK and Astrid quickly realized the secret to Hexter's success was in PK's designs. From that point forward, PK began to personally design their toys.

Kamar® set up offices in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Astrid looked after marketing and domestic sales while PK handled production, foreign sales, and the all-important designs.

In early 1963, PK had another moment of inspiration, and invented a JFK doll, complete with a rocking chair that played "Happy Days Are Here Again." He sent a sample to President Kennedy, who loved it so much he posed for a pictured in Life Magazine with it. JFK's popularity extended to PK's doll, and Kamar® sold a million dollars' worth.

Soon after, PK was asked by Disney to supply the dolls for the Hawaiian section of one of Walt's favorite creations, "It's A Small World." Disney so admired the craftsmanship of the Kamar® dolls that many Kamar products were stocked in the Disney Stores.


Updated: 14 February 2021

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