The Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army) is a multi-function toy gun produced by Deluxe Reading under their Topper Toys toyline, and released in 1964. Johnny Seven Gun O.M.A. was the best selling boys' toy of 1964, and was marketed heavily on children's television. It has unique features, including seven different actions (hence the "Seven" in the name).

Johnny 7 variations

The "Johnny Seven" box came in two variations, one a standard box showing a boy looking through the sights of the toy gun, and the second (rare to find) showed a "Battle field" scenario behind the mounted toy gun with a see through plastic lid. The Johnny Seven gun was manufactured in four countries, and in order of rarity for collectors purposes, they were Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada (in a two language box) and the US version.

Johnny Seven Gun OMA vintage commercial:

This toy gun is no longer made and has become a collector's item.


Click to enlarge. Vintage advertisement with prices from the ol' days:

Updated: 19 april 2019

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Carer - December 14, 2018
What was the original price of the johnny 7 oma
Hi, I've added an advertisement to my page, if you click on it and zoom in on it you'll see some prices.
Kelly - February 28, 2013
I'm looking to buy a Johnny Seven OMA does anyone know where I can find one for sale in the box? Any help will be greatly appreciated x