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The Jetex motor was a type of solid-fuel rocket motor produced for use as a powerplant for model aircraft. Originally developed in 1947, by Wilmot, Mansour & Company Ltd of Southampton, it was first demonstrated to the modelling press in early 1948, and was available to the public in June 1948, when Aeromodeller magazine featured Jetex power on its front cover. The first motors were the Jetex 100 and 200, with the more powerful Jetex 350 following in November 1948. The most popular motor, the Jetex 50, was introduced in May 1949, along with kits for a model plane and model car using Jetex power.

Jetex motors were powered by a solid pellet of guanidine nitrate, which burnt to release a variety of gases in copious volume, leaving no solid residue or ash. Thrust developed was fairly modest, suitable for horizontally launched flying models rather than vertically launched rockets. The exhaust gas was not excessively hot, which conferred a safety advantage. Fuel and wick to ignite the pellets was manufactured by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). The engine casing was made of an aluminium alloy and was reusable, new fuel pellets and ignition wick being a consumable that could be bought and used in the engine.

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Updated: 21 October 2020

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jetex universal heavy duty exhaust single bolt clamp 3 Jetex Universal Heavy Duty Exhaust Single Bolt Clamp 3 11/2021 AU $14.44
jetex tight 90 degree exhaust bend 3 inch mild steel Jetex Tight 90 Degree Exhaust Bend 3 Inch Mild Steel 11/2021 AU $29.40
vespa px125 lml star jetex si 20 20d dellorto style Vespa Px125 Lml Star Jetex Si 20 20d Dellorto Style 11/2021 AU $63.70
10 solid fuel pellets jetex 50 model power unit nos 10 Solid Fuel Pellets Jetex 50 Model Power Unit Nos 11/2021 AU $40.48
jetex universal exhaust over axle bend 2 stainless Jetex Universal Exhaust Over Axle Bend 2 Stainless 11/2021 AU $68.71
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021AU $-.--

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Prn - May 18, 2019
ICO Satellite Model Scale 1:60 Made in india current price
Between 35-80 USD.