Soldiers and white metal figures in the old toy soldier style. The company is founded in Uruguay by Jaime Hiriart in the 1960s and is now run by his son Guillermo Hiriart from his apartment in Montevideo. Guilermo does the sculpting, casting, and assembly and two women do the paint job.

Hiriart toy soldiers

Distribution is limited and all sets are made to order. Hiriart does not stock any inventory.

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David - June 12, 2016

June 12, 2016I was interested in one figure of the Kaiser in the Garde de Corps uniform with helmet, pre WW1 period? Is that possible?David Dorward
►reply: No idea, maybe you can ask here: Hiriart Toy Soldiers.

Santiago - September 27, 2014

Hello, my name is Santiago Nogues. I am looking for a Hiriart figures "Aca Caraya (monkey's head) 4th regiment of lancers, Paraguay".Waiting for your reply, thank you very much. Santiao
►reply: I am not a distributor of Hiriart, so I am afraid I cannot help you.