Hamilton's Invaders

Remco's Hamilton Invaders was a series of plastic toys of giant insect type monsters, toy soldiers and vehicles. Introduced in 1964, the figures were conceived and marketed by Remco on television, inspired by the 'giant insect' genre that were popular from the 1950s, that were in reruns on TV.

A child could propel the giant insect toys via pull-string motors towards blue soldiers while counter-attacking with heavy motorized artillery and helicopters. Remco also produced a bug-eyed helmet and grenade pistol which the child could wear for total immersion in the play-acting scenario.

Parts to these playsets are rare, as the toyline was ended after a selling for a single season.

The insects


It is not known how the name 'Hamilton' was decided upon, and it is believed that though popular with children, mothers did not enjoy having moving giant insects in their home...

Updated: 8 October 2020

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