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Entex Industries, Inc. manufactured model kits, videogames and Loc Bloc construction sets.

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Entex value and price guide

What's your Entex worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
entex plastic model construction kit two way build road Entex Plastic Model Construction Kit Two Way Build Road 08/2021 AU $37.00
futureteonics galaxian2 Futureteonics Galaxian2 08/2021 AU $70.00
entex arcade defender electronic game boxed great Entex Arcade Defender Electronic Game Boxed Great 08/2021 AU $270.00
1 8 pirelli p zero tyre tire stencils templates rosso 1 8 Pirelli P Zero Tyre Tire Stencils Templates Rosso 07/2021 AU $15.00
entex 1 144 bell uh 1b iroquois bell ah 1b huey cobra Entex 1 144 Bell Uh 1b Iroquois Bell Ah 1b Huey Cobra 07/2021 AU $13.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021AU $-.--

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Comments (10)
Frank - July 23, 2021
I just found an Entex Handheld Electronic Baseball Game from 1979 new in the box. Does anyone have any idea of value?
Have a look here for some prices: Entex Baseball.
Colleen - July 9, 2020
interested in any models that are Lotus, TVR or Morgan 3 wheel
I only found one Entex Morgan.
Garth - December 6, 2014
I was the founder and C E O of Entex and the inventor of Dan van it was the first voice recognition consumer product in the world and made to test future products I planned to make. We sold only 60 k and I would love to find one myself. If it brought joy to your son that would please me Garth Clowes
Thanks for your message Garth!
Cindy - July 15, 2014
My son has had hundreds of seizures and one memory he has from his childhood is dan the van would really like to find one
Sorry to hear about your son Cindy! Is he referring to the vehicle used in the Engie Benjy series? If so click here to search for: Engie Benjy toys on my website.
Cindy - July 14, 2014
Looking for a extra dan the van from the70's
Check this website now and then for Entex Dan Van and maybe someday one will pop up.
G - July 28, 2013
I was president of Entex. Bandia America and the GM of Eldon 'Namco bought Bandia and aquired Bally Midway. To answer a few questions briefly. The Eldon power ride car was first sold in 1978 300k were made as that was max production for gell cell batteries all were sold to the trade in the first 3 months and retailed for $28 Today $100 ? to a collector. The Mac mini computor has been offered on the web for $1000.
Thanks very much for this info, much appreciated!
Garth - June 5, 2013
Many Tomy, Bandia, Namco products where created by Entex. Bandia was once a sudsidary of Entex Namco was Ballys U.S distibutor for coin op'sand aquired by nanco
Thanks for the info, appreciated!
Darrell - March 5, 2013
I just purchased a 1980 Entex Ind. Mac Mini Computer. It has never been used, and I have never seen one. Would you know how in demand and it's value. I did purchase for resale. Thanks
I don't know, but I did find lots of info on the item by Googling Entex mac mini.
Garth - January 24, 2013
I wish to buy any Entex or Eldon products
G - January 7, 2013
Wanted all Entex products