The VIC-20 debuted in June of 1980 at the Computer Electronics Show but its development started almost by accident two years earlier. Commodore engineered and manufactured the "Video Interface Chip 6560" or VIC1 for the video game market which was beginning to collapse.

After not being able to sell the chip, Commodore developed the VIC-20 as an inexpensive home computer.

Between early 1981, when the VIC actually hit store shelves, and the first few months of 1985, when the last VIC production line was shut down, it had sold more than 2.5 million units. It had an very impressive peak daily production of 9000 units and was the worlds first computer to sell more than 1 million units.

Manufacturer: Commodore Business Machines
Model: Vic-20
Date Announced: 1981
Date Canceled: 1985
Number Produced: One million plus
Country of Origin: USA
Original price: $300


Updated: 15 August 2019

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Commodore Vic 20 Boxed And Working 08/2019 AU $217.50
Commodore Vic 20 Fully Working 08/2019 AU $162.50

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