Founded in 1979 as Pacific Balloon Co. in Los Angeles, California, Pacific Balloon was one of the the first latex balloon imprinters to innovate silk-screen imprinting on latex balloons. Later, PBC became Chantilly Lane, designers of musical, animated plush.

In 1988 Pacific Balloon Co. International moved their base of operations from Los Angeles to Ventura, and eventually to Oxnard, California where the firm built their design, marketing and distribution center. With the expansion of this facility, PBC also expanded our line of products, including a line of singing, animated plush animals that came to be known as the Chantilly Lane Collection.

Chantilly Lane's very first piece of singing, animated plush was Ashley, a chenille bear with a big red hat who sings 'I Will'. The amount of care that went into the design of Ashley set the standard for each piece of plush designed by the designers.

All the Chantilly Lane characters are designed and created in PBC's in-house design studio where the designers can put up to a hundred hours into the research, development and design of just one piece. Since the birth of Ashley, Chantilly Lane has created well over 200 pieces of singing and animated plush.

Chantilly Lane value and price guide

What's your 'Chantilly Lane' worth? Here are some recently sold items (Australia).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Bear Musical Singing Moving Love Bugz 10/2019 AU $69.47
Musical Bear Sings Your The One That I 08/2019 AU $81.31
New W Tag Musicals Birthday Bear Happy 08/2019 AU $59.06
Singing Louie Frog Bow Tie Musical What 08/2019 AU $57.65
Pbc Singing And Dancing Black Halloween 09/2019 AU $51.67

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Comments (3)

Wendy - September 29, 2019
I am looking for chantilly bear inspire that sings you raise me up. And I want new not used. How do I order one.
Hi, I don't sell them, but I found some here on Amazon CA.

Rachael - August 20, 2019
I have a 22inch “ Julie “ bear how much is that worth singing “favourite things” with tag. I also have a mother and baby duet singing “be my baby” and a “singing in the rain” bear both without tags. Could you direct me as to where I could sell these and their worth. Thank you. I am in the united kingdom
I think the best place to sell them is eBay. Not sure about their value though, sorry. Take a look at my pages for some ideas of value.

Jana - July 7, 2019
I have several bears from before the merger without the tag along logo and sever with it. How should those be valued?
I have no idea, sorry.