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The Billy Blastoff toyline consisted of several of 4" tall child-faced adventurers made from plastic. They were introduced by Eldon in 1968 and made until early 1970's. The concept appears to have been licensed from Tomy for distribution in the US, Canada and Europe. Billy Blastoff was also sold as a deluxe Space Set in which he was accompanied by his friend Robbie Robot, wich also had his own action set. Billy and Robbie could be bought separately or were part of different Action Sets.

Special battery powered vehicles had a gear beneath the figures' pack which also served as the battery pack. This battery pack was also able to power accessories via jack and wired plug. These accessories were figure-held, such as a Space Gun, Radar Scope, and underwater light.

Eldon also made some "spin-offs" including a board game and the Bubble Popper, both set around the Billy Blastoff theme.

Action sets

Updated: 28 September 2021

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Billy Blastoff value and price guide

What's your Billy Blastoff worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
billy blastoff robot ray gun block Billy Blastoff Robot Ray Gun Block 10/2021 AU $127.50
billy blastoff handcart weight communicator Billy Blastoff Handcart Weight Communicator 10/2021 AU $20.00
billy blastoff radiation truck Billy Blastoff Radiation Truck 10/2021 AU $20.00
1969 73 donruss silly cycles odd rods sticker card 1969 73 Donruss Silly Cycles Odd Rods Sticker Card 09/2021 AU $8.07
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021AU $-.--

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Comments (4)
Martin - August 6, 2021
I have sticker billy blastoff 50 excelent estado
Joe - January 23, 2018
Will billy blastoff and Robbie robot retain and increase in value?
I'll be frank... I've no idea! Lots of toys increase in value in time. Usually if there is a lot on offer on for example eBay, demand will decrease and prices as well. Don't forget to look regularly at the sold listings on eBay (find link in description) to see if prices fluctuate.
Garth - August 27, 2015
As the creator of Billy I would like to aquire ad's sets of walking Billy or answer any questions, he was the first or only product to be tested with a polygraph and compred with Mat Mason Mattels equivalent devised by my friend Eliot Handler the El in Mattel
Thanks for your message Garth!
Carlos - February 14, 2014
Greetings, I am a collector of billy blastoff, now I have one figure of the Mexican version of billy known as Capitan boy its the tiny version and its in great condition, have their own ships and is highly prized because it is only version that was sold in Mexico by lili ledy you can see the photos in the google search with the name of MINI CAPITAN BOY, if you are interested we can make business. thanks!
Not collecting these but maybe another visitor has interest, or you can try and sell them on ebay.