Simple but fun game released in 1968 by Schaper (now owned by Hasbro) similar to Tiddlywinks in that the object was to flip the playing pieces into a container.

The container was a rigid pair of plastic 'pants' with suspenders, and the playing pieces were little plastic ants with enough springiness to them that when a kid pressed down on the tail and quickly released, the 'ant' would fly into the air and, hopefully, into the pants. The object, of course, was to get all of one's colored ants into the pants first.

This game is more fun than having real Ants in YOUR Pants :-)

Ants Pants value and price guide

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Picture Title Date Sold for
Alex Ant Size 1 2 Year Old Baby Boy 09/2019 AU $38.00
Duofold By Champion Protherm Women S 09/2019 AU $17.50
Ants In Your Pants By Julia Jarman And 09/2019 AU $7.35
The Magic School Bus Gets Ants In It S 10/2019 AU $5.00
Ants In The Pants Hasbro Family Board 10/2019 AU $14.00

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